Where is solar power going?

What is the next generation of solar. What technology integration, instruments and mechanical sensors under industry 4.0 will be used to measure your power usage? Join our discussion on industry 4.0 on Thursday next 6th May at 2pm. To register please go to: http://bit.ly/industry4launch and more info on http://www.futurecast.info and http://www.industry4skillnet.com


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Published by Industry 4.0

JJ O Hara: Business consultant / project management company. 25 years of management in companies, specializing in building, technology and tourism projects. One of the Founding members of WDC, was on the board for youth, 26 years ago. Lived in USA for 10 years and ran a Construction business. Moved back to Ireland and set up a Construction company, Technology and B&B Tourism businesses based in the North West of Ireland. IN 2005 Web degree, specialise in php and Jave code. Consulted on development of tourism strategy for Ireland 2015-2021 in Leinster House. Won EU Citizen of the year 2017 with BCAB. Won a peace award in 2019 in Cookstown Town Council with BCAB. Over the last 3 years we worked with a BCAB team lobbying on Brexit in the European Parliament, Westminster, and Leinster house. In July 2019 worked with leading an EU team on Russian/Ukraine peace talks. At present we are developing W8 Innovation which is Innovation, R&D and Education Centre for the Quarry and Construction Industry under industry 4.0, just got 3.7 million funding from Enterprise Ireland and industry at the W8 Centre Manorhamilton CO Leitrim. We have a New project in development "Science and Technology in Agriculture and Food under Industry 4.0" just in planning stage.

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